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Mr Li Shufu was born in Taizhou of Zhejiang Province in 1963. He graduated from Yanshan University as a master of engineering and gained his senior professional title as an economist. Later he became a member of the national committee of CPPCC.

Mr. Li Shufu has devoted his heart and soul to the development of national automobile industry. He has his own unique understanding on the introduction and cultivation of talents, the innovation and optimization of operation and management, the updating of products and quality as well as expanding business scale and capital operation.

Mr. Li Shufu has a democratic style of work and a decisive manner in handling affairs. Before making a decision, he would draw on collective wisdom and learn widely from the strong points of experts, specialists and operation and management team with a receptive mind, which are followed by his deep-into-reality market research and feasibility studies. Once the decision is made, he would put it into practice with unbreakable will in a vigorous and resolute style and shall never give up before he reaches his goal. For decades, seldom did he commit mistakes when making important decisions, and this ensures the rapid development of the company in the right direction all the way through.

Another valuable trait of Mr. Li Shufu lies in his consistent emphasis on enterprise efficiency and social efficiency as well as material civilization and spiritual civilization. Funds donated for the construction of research center and education center and public welfare cause have come up to more than RMB 1 billion yuan.
Chairman Li’s Honor
Over the years, Mr. Li Shufu has been awarded a number of honors such as"Master of Operation and Management","Top 10 Private Entrepreneurs","Celebrity of China’s Automobile Circle","Elitist of China’s Automobile Industry Over Past 50 Years","Zhejiang Entrepreneur of the Year","Top 25 Brand Meritorious Men of China","Top 10 Leaders of Independent Innovation of China’s Private Enterprises","Top 10 Most Vibrant Enterprise Helmsmen in 2006","Top 10 Philanthropists of China","Top 10 Celebrities of China Automobile in 2006","Meritorious Man of Independent Innovation for China’s Own Brand Automobile" and"2007 Zhejiang Business Innovation Prize" and so on. Having gained so many honors, he remains modest and believes that the honors gained belong to the past and there is still a long way to go in the future. Just as his name suggests, writing the happiness for Chinese people is his lifelong pursuit.


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