Mission, Vision and Value
Corporate Culture Development Direction
The Fundamental Driving Force

Mission, Vision and Value

  • Safety is the fundamental guarantee of human life;
  • Environment protection is the basic aspiration of human life;
  • Energy saving is the necessary condition for human existence.
  • Nowadays, safety, environment protection and energy saving have become the consensus of the automobile industry in the world and the direction for social development.
  • Geely people take this as their own commitment and struggle for this.

             It has two meanings:

  • First, expecting Geely cars and advanced technology are world-renowned and go around all over the world;
  • Second, giving the best wishes "good fortune and great profit" to all people and praying for everything going well.
    Make good cars that are the safest, most environment-friendly and most energy-saving, make users happy with Geely cars, make Geely distributors happy in marketing, make suppliers happy with the good cooperation with Geely; for a beautiful pursuit, all Geely staff are enjoying the process of discovering, solving problems and hence continuous improvement, enjoying the success that let Geely cars go around the world instead of international cars go around China.


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