Classical Design

Front face of GC7 originates from one of the Chinese cultural essences. Combining the latest fastion able design concepts GC7, blackers its classic"eagle eye shaped"headlights, EMPLOYS convex conderstion in low bears to create the most sparking headlight.

Concise and Elegant Side Lines

Coneise and elegant side lines, straight beltlines throughout the body and creatine upturned design in wheel trims, all achieve a sleek and three-dimensional effect.

Elaborate Technology

"DVVT powertrain + Australian DSI six-speed automatic/manual transmission" Perfect powertrain combination for a Mid-size sedan.

Classical Storage Spaces for Daily Use

In the design of the interior space, GC7 fully considers demands of daily use. When designing the interior of GC7, full consideration has been paid to actual daily needs.

Center Console with Piano Finish

The center console with piano finish provides an excellent operating feeling. Meanwhile, the layout of multifunctional buttons is reasonable and easy-to-use.

Four-spoke Multi-functional Leather Steering Wheel

4-spoke multi-functional leather steering wheel integrates cruise control and super video audio, enabling drivers exceptional fun and a cosy lifestyle.

Classical T-shape Console

GC7 adopts color scheme of dark colors at the upper part and light colors to create a cozy feeling of home. And the environmentally friendly materials inside GC7 lend it a sensual driving. The classical T-Shape lashboard avaliable on GC7 well interprets ergonomic principles, and is concise pratical and easy to use.

CVVT\DVVT Smart Enginne

GC7 is equipped with 1.5L/1.8L CVVT or 1.5L/1.8L DVVT engine, which delivers greater power with less fuel.

Large Tires

The standard specification of large 205/55/R16 Giti tires, 16-inch V-shape aluminum alloy rim and 4-wheel gydraulic disc brake not only maxmize driving, but also presents a perfect fit into the body.