GEELY Holding Group is one of China’s top ten automobile enterprises. Since entry into the automobile industry in 1997, GEELY has grown fast through the flexible business mechanism and sustained independent innovation, has had total assets of over RMB 34 billion, has ranked among China’s top 500 enterprises for eight consecutive years and top ten automobile enterprises for six consecutive years, and has been included in the first group of “national innovative enterprises” and “national vehicle export base enterprises”.

Headquartered in Hangzhou, GEELY has vehicle and powertrain manufacturing bases in across China in such as Linhai, Ningbo and Luqiao of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xiangtan and Jinan, has a DSI automatic transmission R & D center and a manufacturing plant in Australia, and has formed an annual production capacity of 600,000 cars, 600,000 engines and 600,000 transmissions.

Now GEELY boasts over 30 vehicle models and a full series of engines ranging from 1.0L to 1.8L and matching manual/automatic transmissions.

GEELY has established a complete domestic marketing network and owned nearly 1,000 4S stores and nearly 1,000 service outlets; has established nearly 200 sales and service outlets abroad; has invested tens of million yuan in building a domestic first-class call center to offer 24-hour convenient services; has taken the lead in using the SAP-based sales ERP management system and after-sale service information system for fast response to customer demands and fast processing of market information; has taken the lead in accomplishing B2B and B2C automobile marketing to create a new channel for online automobile marketing. By late 2010, the number of GEELY’s cars in possession had topped 1.8 million, and GEELY had been recognized as a famous Chinese brand.

GEELY has invested hundreds of million yuan in establishing GEELY Automobile Technology Center and GEELY Automobile Research Institute in Hangzhou and Linhai of Zhejiang, has formed a strong capacity for developing cars, engines, transmissions and automotive electronic and electric components, and has been able to introduce four to six new car and engine models every year. Autonomous GEELY Panda was reputed as China’s most safe five-star mini car with 45.3 points in C-NCAP safety collision tests; autonomous Emgrand EC7 ranked first among the five-star models in its car segment of Chinese autonomous auto brands with C-NCAP 46.8 points; autonomous developed 4G18CVVT engine, with a power of 57.2kw a liter, is up to world advanced and domestic leading standards; autonomous and industrialized Z  automatic transmission filled a gap in the domestic automobile field and won the first prize for progress in China automobile science and technology.

With over 3,200 patents, including over 300 patents for inventions and over 30 international patents, GEELY has been recognized as a national “corporate technical center”, “postdoctoral workstation” and “high-tech enterprise”. GEELY’s “innovative project of technical system of strategic transformation” won the second national prize for progress in science and technology in 2009 (first prize vacant).

Now GEELY has over 17,000 employees, including over 2,000 engineering technicians, three academicians, tens of foreign experts, tens of doctors, hundreds of masters, as well as hundreds of senior engineers and researcher-level senior engineers, who have played significant role on all fronts of GEELY as important guarantee for GEELY to overtake its opponents.

GEELY has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in establishing universities and colleges such as Beijing GEELY University, Hanna University Sanya College and Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College, which have an enrollment of over 40,000 students and transfer nearly 10,000 graduates every year to China’s auto industry and the society. Entrusted by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, GEELY has established Zhejiang Automotive Engineering Institute as China’s first graduate school cultivating automotive engineering masters and doctors. In May 2007, the establishment of “GEELY-Tongji Automotive Engineering Research Institute” created a new mode of cooperation between private enterprises and universities.

Guided by the quality principle of “being responsible for brands and satisfying customers forever”, GEELY has passed the environment label product certification and certifications of systems such as ISO9000 quality system, TS16929: 2009 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSA  S18001 vocational health and safety management system. To satisfy the need of the international market, it has carried out international certifications such as GCC and EEC&ECC.

With the strategy of “overall following, partial surpassing, key breakthrough, talent pooling, cooperation and overtaking”, GEELY has mapped out a medium & long-term development plan: by 2015, GEELY will derive over 40 left & right-hand models conforming to foreign laws and regulations and consumption habits from five technical platforms and 15 car platforms; will have six gas & diesel engine platforms conforming to domestic and foreign laws and regulations, over 10 engines as well as a full series of manual and automatic transmissions conforming to domestic and foreign laws and regulations; and will establish 15 manufacturing bases at home and abroad to manufacture and sell 2 million cars a year.

With the core values of “Happy Life, GEELY Drive”, GEELY will keep going on the road of “talent and innovation”, bring team wisdom into play and rely on all the staff to achieve the magnificent goal of “delivering the most safe, environment-friendly and efficient cars to the world”!



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