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Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has invested hundred millions to build the Geely Automotive Technology Center and Geely Automobile Institute in Hangzhou and Linhai, Zhejiang Province, which have strong development ability for vehicle, engine, transmission and automotive electronic and electrical devices. About 4-6 new models will be launched each year. Self-developed Geely Panda car scored 45.3 at C-NCAP safety collision test, and it is known as the safest 5-star small car; self-developed Emgrand EC7 car scored 46.8 at C-NCAP safety collision test, ranking the first among 5-star models of China self-owned brands; independently developed 4G18CVVT engine, with the power per liter up to 57.2kw, which is the advanced level in the world and leading level in the country; self-developed and industrialized Z series of automatic transmission filled the gap in the domestic automotive industry and won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in China automotive industry. At present, Geely has more than 3200 patents, including more than 300 invention patents and more than 30 international patents. It is identified as the national Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Workstation and High-tech Enterprises. Geely Strategic Transformation Technology System Innovation Project has won the second prize of 2009’ National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (first prize vacancy).


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