Social Responsibility
Education And Training
Social Charity
Future Project
As China’s own brand of automobile industry, while making constant effort to develop its own brand, Geely Holding Group also dedicates itself to redounding upon society by making consistent contribution to philanthropy and education in China. Through the implementation of education assistance projects such as Geely education assistance plan (Glory Geely Education Assistance Action), “Philanthropy travels throughout China with Geely” and “Geely
Fund for Future Talents” and so on, special funds are set up for poverty-stricken schools to improve environment and for poverty-stricken students to realize their university dream. This helps carry forward China’s traditional virtue and create in the society a harmonious atmosphere of mutual assistance when disaster sticks, making great contribution to China’s Hope Project.
Poverty Alleviation and Salvation
During the process of Geely’s earnest performance of social responsibility, except for the donation and assistance for philanthropy and education and the promotion of the development of China Hope Project, Geely also fulfills its due responsibility in the aspects of poverty alleviation, salvation and helping the disabled, making constant effort for the harmonious development of the society.
Encouraging Energy Efficiency in Automobile Industry, Promoting Harmonious Development of Man-automobile society
In May 2007, the State Council proposed in the Comprehensive Work Plan on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in the GF [2007] No. 15 Document: speeding up the development of circular economy and promoting the all-round clean manufacturing in the form of innovation model; accelerating the development and promotion of technology for energy conservation and emission reduction relying on technology; and also proposed the working pattern with government as the leader and enterprises as the main body, which work together with the whole society to enhance energy conservation and emission reduction.
Symphony by Geely Creates a Sensation in Germany
[News from Berlin Germany] Konzerthaus Berlin, the biggest and most brilliant music hall in Germany, which is close to the famous Gendarmenmarkt was impressed by the amazing performance of a symphony orchestra (Geely) came from Zhejiang, China at night on September 25 (local time).  
Especially a symphonic variation For A Wonderful Pursuit lyrics by Li Shufu, the chairman of Geely Automobile Holdings, music by Li Jie, the famous composer in China and adapted by Tang Muhai world-famous conductor, the audience had been deeply moved by such symphonic variation which reflect the cultural essence of Geely and its pursuit of making the Geely Automobile Holdings travel around the world regardless of difficulties and the concert was full-filled with prolonged applause.


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