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Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of the development of an enterprise. Geely’s new technology application platform provides an opportunity that can let the farsighted people cooperate with Geely in relation to technological exchange, which both helps to promote the technology development of Geely and provide a platform for new technology providers and thus to achieve a win-win situation.

Geely new technology application platform is open to the whole world and we welcome the cooperation of Geely with anyone that possesses innovative achievements.
Submission of relevant documents to Geely via e-mail by technical personnel;
Geely analyzes and evaluates the value of the technology and the relevant technical personnel will contact the submitters.
For those submissions with technological values, Geely will negotiate with the submitters and communicate with them on the technology details.
For those that have true technological values, Geely will signed agreement or contact the submitters so as to reach cooperation intentions.


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